From farm to fork

From farm to fork

When we say we go to great lengths to deliver you the finest tasting British strawberries available, we really mean it! So what exactly is involved in the growing process to ensure that we produce a quality crop?
When you spot the Driscoll's® Jubilee or Driscoll's® Elizabeth™ name upon your punnet of strawberries, you can be sure to discover a sweeter and much more flavoursome variety every single time.
The succulent rich flesh, mouth-watering taste and distinctive fresh arome of this perfect ruby coloured, heart shaped strawberry is what sets the Queen of the crop apart, differing significantly in both quality and taste.


80% of Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections Strawberry production is created using tray plants, which has the advantage of producing larger and more flavoursome strawberries from early in the season. The majority of Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries are grown in bags on table tops, which allows the growers to control disease due to the improved air flow. Plants are grown in coir substrate (coconut husk) which prevents soil borne diseases from occurring.
The excellent flavour of Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections isn't only due to high sugars, but also the contribution and balance of various acids and aroma components. Furthermore, not only do Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries taste good, they actually do you good!

Picking the Crop

At the start of the season in late May, the pickers begin their working day very early in the morning when the temperature is cool, selecting Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries which are at the peak of ripeness and adhere to specific size requirements.
Only the very best qualify as a Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections; combining a perfectly sized and shaped strawberry, ruby red colour, flawless texture, and distinguishable strawberry scent. This means that every time you select a Jubilee Selections punnet, you’ll always be getting the very best quality British strawberry. A great deal of love and care goes into selecting each and every berry, by pinching the stem with the thumb nail against the forefinger, and ensuring that the stalk is approximately 1cm long. They are then placed very gently into the punnets to prevent any bruising.

Quality Check

Once the berries have then made their way through the quality assurance procedure, where they undergo a series of checks based on flavour, sweetness, texture, appearance, size and consistency, they are placed in a cooler for a minimum of two hours at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius to ensure freshness and a good shelf life.
They then make their way into the pack house where they are packed quickly to ensure that the berry temperature remains constant, before being loaded onto chilled lorries which transport the berries to supermarkets.


Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections Strawberries are then positioned amongst the premium produce in each of the supermarkets…which is where you can find them at their very best!
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