"Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections are exceptional strawberries with a wonderful naturally sweet flavour profile"

Queen of the crop

"Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries are exceptional with a wonderfully natural sweet flavour profile".
Nothing tastes better in summer than a British strawberry and Driscoll’s® Jubilee Selections truly are the queen of the crop. There are over thirty varieties of strawberries but only three count as Jubilee Selections – look for Driscoll's® Jubilee and Driscoll's® Elizabeth™ or Driscoll's® Zara on your punnet of strawberries to ensure you enjoy the best strawberries the season has to offer.
In need of inspiration? Our recipes compliment the natural flavour of Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections, to enjoy any time of the day.


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