"Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections are exceptional strawberries with a wonderful naturally sweet flavour profile"

Queen of the crop

"Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries are exceptional with a wonderfully natural sweet flavour profile".
Nothing tastes better in summer than a British strawberry and Driscoll’s® Jubilee Selections truly are the queen of the crop. There are over thirty varieties of strawberries but only two count as Jubilee Selections – look for Driscoll's® Jubilee and Driscoll's® Elizabeth™ on your punnet of strawberries to ensure you enjoy the best strawberries the season has to offer.
In need of inspiration? Our recipes compliment the natural flavour of Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections, to enjoy any time of the day.


Salted Caramel Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake in a Jar

Strawberry Salad with Curry Dressing


15 hours ago
Sunday roasts still top the charts as our favourite British dish. Our strawberry crumble finishes it off perfectly! https://t.co/WooSok6Gfw #Sundayroast #lovetocook https://t.co/Pw8lZbqeWx
6 days ago
Who would know that the cooking water from chickpeas could produce an amazing dessert! Top it with a delicious coconut cream and lots of fresh berries for a fabulous pudding. Recipe courtesy of Love Fresh Berries https://t.co/Lo1FBDeVXJ #healthyliving #vegan #berries https://t.co/J9JGeJSWPF
2 weeks ago
How's your Dry January going? Here's seven drinks courtesy of Tesco Real Food to liven things up a bit! https://t.co/60DhI9Yt1t #dryjanuary #healthyeating https://t.co/qlXnGSLNhl