Our growers

Meet Our Growers

Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections Strawberries are grown by a handful of select growers throughout the UK - ensuring the best flavour in every bite.
All Jubilee Selections growers are experts in growing soft fruit, with several winning sought after awards such as Soft Fruit Grower of the Year and Grower of the Year.


Pencoyd Farm

Anthony Snell has farming in his blood, being the third generation to manage Pencoyd Farm in Herefordshire. Over the last 15 years Anthony and his wife Christine have not shied away from introducing new initiatives and recently have invested in solar energy, as well as water conservation and recycling with five hectares on the farm now used for rainwater collection.


Hugh Lowe Farms

Jon and Marion Regan's family farm is based in Kent on the well-drained sunny slopes of the greensand ridge in the 'garden of england'. The family has grown soft fruit for more than 120 years, starting from when Marion’s great-grandfather, Bernard Champion, planted his first crop of strawberries here in 1893 to supply the family's stand, Champion Bros, in the old Covent Garden market. The farm grows the deliciously sweet, heart-shaped Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries from the start of May through to September, supplying national and local supermarkets.


Church Farm

Tim Place is the current custodian of Church Farm, located near to Norwich, close to the Norfolk Broads and covering 900 acres specialising in soft fruit. The success of the farm is due to the quality of its people and their produce, which is achieved by accurate monitoring of irrigation, feed and care of the strawberry plants.

Tim can trace the farm's history back to supplying strawberries to King George's garden parties at Buckingham Palace back in 1937, unfortunately Driscoll's® Jubilee Selections strawberries were not available at the time.