Queen of the crop

Our Story

Jubilee Selections by Driscoll’s® strawberries are grown solely on British soil and are hand-selected for their perfectly heart-shaped form and delicious sweet taste. The distinctive flavour profile and fresh aroma is attributed to the meticulous breeding process that started 20 years ago.

The newest variety to be added to the Driscoll's Jubilee Selections range is Zara - a British grown strawberry bursting with naturally sweet flavour and a deep ruby red colour.

The first crop of Driscoll’s® Jubilee Selections strawberries was planted in 1997 in West Kent, when 13,000 strawberry seedlings from the Driscoll’s® breeding programme were left to flourish in a test plot. After three years of selection, a seedling from the plot was chosen for its significant levels of sweetness and classic strawberry flavour, set to become the delicious strawberry that we know and love.

Named in honour of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Driscoll’s® Jubilee Selections strawberries are grown by a handful of select growers throughout the UK, who are dedicated to ensuring only the best berries make their way to shelves. Driscoll’s® Jubilee Selections can only be found in the premium ranges of Britain’s major supermarkets; Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, Tesco Finest, Marks & Spencer, Lidl, Asda Extra Special, Morrisons The Best, Aldi Specially Selected and Waitrose 1 Ranges, so be sure to look out for Driscoll’s® Jubilee, Driscoll's® Elizabeth or Driscoll's Zara under the ‘Variety’ heading on the punnet to ensure you take home the queen of the crop.

How do we create the sweet flavour?
We'll let you into a secret...!

Did you know?

Available from June to the end of September in the premium ranges of Britain's major supermarkets; Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, Tesco Finest, Waitrose 1 Range, Marks & Spencer, Lidl, Aldi Specially Selected, Asda Extra Special and Morrisons The Best.